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aerial 62nd.jpg
An aerial picture of the 62nd and Downing campus.

Jo Hall,  Leo Robertson, Katheleen Cain, Betty Robinson, Curt Simpson inspect the new college site before construction.
Two pictures showing the empty land before Front Range Community College was constructed in 1975.

eastern wall.jpg
East side of construction at FRCC has six pictures showing the progress.

campus model.jpg
Architects and engineers had a vision of Front Range Community College and the future.

commission of higher ed visit 4.jpg
Colorado Commission of Higher Education evaluation of FRCC North site

cc dedicated.jpg
This newspaper clipping describes the events that took place in 1968. Governor John Love, helped dedicate the Community College on 62nd and Downing.

62nd construction 4.jpg
The complete front wall of the 62nd and Downing campus.

constructing land.jpg
FRCC is backing the west towards the mountains,

workers construct.jpg
Construction workers performing their duties as they build Front Range Community College.
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