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  • Collection: The construction of the CCD Westminster Campus/ Front Range Community College

1stpage (2).jpg
Here is the first page of the 1977 Front Range Community College catalog.

campus complete.jpg
These two photos are of the omplete construction of the FRCC campus. Students are enjoying their day.

main ducts for air.jpg
This page contains seven items showing the progress of the construction. Finishing touches to the campus.

long hall panels.jpg
These three items on this page will display the progress of the solar panels.

construction of parling lot.jpg
These three pictures will show the progress and construction the parking lot facing 112th ave.

long hall construction.jpg
These seven picture show the progress of ant he construction of the solar panels.

eastern wall.jpg
East side of construction at FRCC has six pictures showing the progress.

These three pictures of the foundation walls are being constructed during November, 1975.

workers construct.jpg
Construction workers performing their duties as they build Front Range Community College.

constructing land.jpg
FRCC is backing the west towards the mountains,
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